5 Reasons You Might Need Emergency Drain Cleaning When Managing A Commercial Kitchen


A commercial kitchen drainage system should perform optimally to facilitate kitchen functions. However, there is likely to be an accumulation of solid elements that can cause the system to break down since the system is in continuous use. For this reason, drain cleaning is quite necessary. Here are the five main reasons your commercial kitchen might need emergency drain cleaning services. 

1. Drain Clogging 

The drainage system is prone to clogs because of the mineral deposits, debris, and food waste in the pipe walls. Clogs cause low water pressure in the bathroom, clogged toilets, slow drains, and in extreme cases, they can cause a complete breakdown of the drainage system.  Emergency drain cleaning prevents clogs by removing any solid matter that may have accumulated on your pipes.  

2. Avoid Foul Odors 

Unpleasant odors typically characterize the sewer system. The source of this smell is the dirt and food waste in different parts of the system that normal cleaning cannot eliminate. The smell creeps up the drains and affects your restaurant. If you notice these smells, and particularly on the P-traps, you need to have a professional clean the drains.

3. Pipes and Drain Longevity 

The dirt in the drainage system causes a buildup of pressure in the pipes. This pressure is among the primary causes of busted and cracked drain pipes. Regular and emergency cleaning reduces dirt, and this protects the structural integrity of the pipes. Cleaning these pipes not only eliminates repair costs and extends the life of the drain, but also increases a property's value. 

4. Reduce Health Hazards 

Clogs in your sewer system prevent the free flow of water, leading to a buildup of standing water in the kitchen sinks. Stagnant water is a fertile ground for mildew, mold, mosquitoes, and bacteria. Therefore, you need to have the drains cleaned to destroy and prevent these pathogens and pests from breeding. 

5. Cut Repair Costs

During the drain cleaning, professional plumbers inspect the drains. This inspection allows them to identify signs of pipe degradation and any other issue that may affect the optimal function of the drainage. Once they identify any issues, they address them immediately or recommend a solution to prevent costly repairs in the future. 

When operating a commercial kitchen, you need to make sure that the drain is working effectively. As seen, drain cleaning is an important part of the maintenance of any kitchen. As such, make sure you have plumbers' contacts for regular and emergency drain cleaning.


10 June 2021

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