How To Determine How Frequently Your Restaurant's Grease Trap Needs To Be Pumped


In your restaurant, there is a very good chance that there is a grease trap in place. This is used to capture the grease from your restaurant so that it can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly and legal manner, and it's designed to help protect your restaurant's plumbing, too. As you might already know through your research or from having to hire one of these services in the past, it's important to work with a grease trap pumping service from time to time so that they can pump the grease out of your grease trap. How often you will need to schedule an appointment with one of these companies will depend on all of the things listed below and more.

How Big Is Your Grease Trap?

Grease traps of different sizes can be installed in restaurants. You may want to keep this in mind if you are still in the process of having a grease trap installed. After all, if you buy and install a bigger one, then you probably will not have to have your grease trap pumped as frequently. If your restaurant already has a smaller grease trap and if you aren't really interested in replacing it, then you should probably be prepared to have it pumped a little more often.

How Busy Is Your Restaurant?

If your restaurant is really busy, then you might prepare a lot of food and have a lot of dirty and greasy plates to deal with. Because of this, your grease trap will probably get filled a lot more quickly. If your restaurant isn't very busy right now — such as if you are just getting started or if you are going through a slow period right now — then one positive thing about the slow period is the fact that you probably will not have to have your grease trap pumped as often, at least until business picks up a little bit.

What Types of Foods Do You Prepare?

Pretty much every restaurant needs a grease trap and has to have grease trap pumping done from time to time. However, the food on your menu can have a big impact on how frequently you will have to have your grease trap pumped. For example, restaurants that prepare a lot of deep-fried foods often work with a lot more grease, and because of this, they might need to have their grease traps pumped more frequently than a restaurant that doesn't prepare many or any deep-fried or otherwise greasy foods.


24 June 2021

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