Tips When Repairing a Commercial Septic System's Drain Lines


Thanks to a drainfield, a septic system can safely get rid of things like bacteria found in wastewater. Sometimes, the lines that are connected to this system can suffer damage. If you have a commercial system experiencing this issue, respond in the following ways.

Identify Damage Using a Sewer Camera

Since the drain lines of a septic system are underground, you need to find a way to assess their condition without digging everything up around these lines. Sewer cameras work great for providing detailed analysis on the condition and performance of drain lines without involving a bunch of digging.

You just need to know how to interpret the video and pictures that this sewer camera is going to capture. You also need to move the camera along until you can spot where the damage occurred. Then you can treat the right section of the drainfield without having to totally destroy the landscaping around your commercial property.

Keep Monitoring Drain Lines Post-Repair

Once you fix the problem with your septic system's drain lines, you want to continue monitoring their performance. Then you'll know for certain how effective the repair was and how it's going to hold up in the coming months.

Look out for bad smells, soaked landscaping, and wastewater coming back into your building. If these problems start happening at any point, the drain line repair wasn't sufficient and there is still a major problem at hand. At least you'll be able to act quickly.

Hire a Pro if the Problem Is Hard to Identify

Sometimes even when you rent out or buy the right equipment, figuring out what is wrong with a septic system's drain lines can be difficult. The issue may be subtle or there could be multiple issues causing wastewater problems around your property.

If you ever get to this point, you should hire a pro septic system contractor that can provide an in-depth analysis of the condition and performance of your drain lines. They know what common problems to look for, and once identified, they can get your lines repaired before you're up to your neck in wastewater problems.

The drain lines connected to the drainfield of your septic system may eventually have trouble working great. If you notice this either by a bad smell or actual wastewater going back into your commercial building, proceed with sound repair solutions so that you can quickly restore this system. Call a septic repair professional to schedule an appointment.


13 July 2021

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