3 Plumbing Maintenance Tips To Help You Sail Safely Through The Winter


Winter is one of the challenging seasons in domestic plumbing maintenance. The change in temperature affects the water inside the plumbing and often leads to frozen pipes. However, you do not have to wait until all piping is frozen and you have no water to call the professionals. Instead, you can stay on the lookout for signs of trouble and call the experts immediately you notice any. Here are three common maintenance tips to help you go through the cold winter without ruining your plumbing. 

Insulating the Pipes

The best way to minimize water freezing inside the pipes is by ensuring that the cold temperatures in the environment do not get to it. You can use simple and highly effective insulation, such as foam sheaths to insulate all your plumbing. It is advisable to start with the pipes exposed to the outdoors. Ensure you cover them entirely with the insulating material. 

The basement and attic are other parts of the home that rarely receive heating in the winter. Therefore, when insulating the pipes outside the house, ensure that you work on these two areas. Another part that needs insulation is where the main water supply lines come out of the ground and enter the house. With all the exposed areas insulated, you experience fewer instances of freezing. 

Keep Your Indoors Heated

The indoor temperature will also determine the state of the pipes throughout the winter. You should check the condition of your heating system and ensure it will last through the cold season without breaking down. If the furnace is not efficient and the house has cold spots, you might also experience plumbing complications in those rooms. Therefore, keeping the indoors nice and warm also keeps the water flowing in the faucets. 

Avoid Clogging the Drains

Clogged drains are another source of winter plumbing complications in the home. Water is likely to freeze faster when there is already a clog, limiting its movement. To prevent this, you should get a plumber to assess the pipes for clogs and dissolve them. Also, it is advisable to be extra vigilant about sources of clogs like cooking oil. The cold season makes it coagulate faster, and once the grease lines up the pipes, the flow of water stops. 

Contact an emergency plumber, such as Curry Plumbing, Septic & Sewer, if you already have frozen pipes in your home. They have the skills and experience needed to eliminate the clog without causing unnecessary damage to your plumbing.


2 February 2022

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