Does Your Septic System Need A Replacement? 3 Top Indicators


If you have a septic tank as part of your domestic waste management system, you understand that it needs some maintenance to function. Keeping the tank in a functional state is uncomplicated when you are dedicated. Sadly, few people worry about the state of their systems unless they experience a plumbing mishap inside the house. It would be best to watch for indicators that your tank is damaged and look for ways to replace it. Here are three telltale signs that you need to replace your wastewater tank.

When the Tank Has Frequent Repairs

It is advisable that you service the septic by pumping it regularly. However, if your tank has served you for more than probably a decade, you might have to do more repairs and maintenance than when it is still new. You should consider replacing the tank if you have spent more on repairs than before. A competent plumber can help you calculate the cumulative cost of the maintenance you have been running on the tank to determine whether it is worth the money you are spending on it.

When the Tank is Old Enough

The age of the tank is another crucial factor people should consider when deciding whether to keep up with the maintenance or if it is time for a replacement. If the tank is less than three decades old and you have kept a regular maintenance schedule, you can get the professionals to pump it, and keep using it. On the other hand, if the tank is older and keeps breaking down and letting wastewater back into the house, you should consider replacing it.

Slow Drainage and Bad Odors

The septic and sewer system might occasionally slow down because something got stuck in the pipes. However, the system will continue running when you get a plumber to remove the object causing the blockage. However, if water is draining slowly and the system does not have a clog, it is possible that sludge has accumulated inside and slowed down the decomposition. You should also consider replacing the tank if you often experience foul odors from the sewerage system. If this keeps happening, it is time to install a new tank, which will bring in all its related components.

Speak to septic tank installation experts about the possibility of replacing your tank with a new and more efficient model. With their help, you get a better waste management system and improve the overall hygiene in your home.

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27 May 2022

Septic Services: Essential for the Home

When you think about professionals who work on your home, the first ones that come to mind might be HVAC technicians and maybe plumbers. But septic service workers are also essential. Without a working septic tank, you won't be able to flush away your waste, and you may even have smelly water all over your yard. Some plumbers also provide septic care services, but other times, you have to rely on a separate company to do this work. In either case, you can learn a bit more about septic services on this website, and we hope the information helps you take better care of your home.