Signs You Need To Install A New Water Heater


Normally, if you notice problems with your water heater, it's advisable to repair or install a new heater. Water heater installation services know how to detect, repair, and replace dysfunctional water heaters.

Here are the telltale signs you need to install a new water heater.

Signs of Water Leakage

Old water heaters tend to leak, and failure to take corrective action the leaking water can damage the structural integrity of your home. Usually, the first sign of a leak is a wet floor accompanied by stained walls near your water heater. Major leakages indicate that it's time to consider a heater replacement. However, minor leaks can be easily fixed by water heater installation experts.

Varying Water Temperatures

Varying water temperatures can be a nuisance as you can barely enjoy a warm bath. The water temperature keeps fluctuating from warm to cold and sometimes extremely hot. Although this could be an issue with your water supply, it could also be a water heater problem. The problem is common for old water heaters unable to offer constant water pressure. To get rid of the fluctuating water temperatures, invest in a new water heater.

Changes in Water Color

Brown or rusty water is usually a sign of corrosion in your water heater. Rusty water out of your facets can be rectified by adding a new anode rod on your water heater or by seeking a replacement. A water heater installation expert can help inspect the extent of the corrosion and provide professional advice on the best way forward. However, for long-lasting results, have your old water heater replaced with a new one.

Sudden Rise in Energy Bills

Old water heaters are inefficient and consume a lot of energy. The inefficiency leads to high energy bills. Therefore, if you notice an increase in your monthly energy bills that you cannot account for, it's best to have your water heater inspected. Professional water heater installation experts can help determine the cause of the inefficiency and carry out water heater repairs. But, if your water heater is old and damaged beyond repair, your plumber can install a new water heater.

A functioning water heater can be a lifesaver during winter, and this is why most homeowners pay close attention to their water heaters at the end of fall. To avoid inconveniences, hire a professional water heater installation services once you notice leakage from your water heater, rusty water, and fluctuating water temperature.


22 June 2022

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