5 Reasons To Insist On Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaning For A Healthier Home


Are you worried your kitchen and bathrooms are becoming unusable? A dirty drain can cause no end of problems for homeowners, from unpleasant odors to the potential of raw sewage seeping into your home or even flooding your basement. If you suspect your drains need cleaning, you may be tempted to find the cheapest option and get over it. However, there are good reasons you should insist on eco-friendly drain cleaning services. Which are these reasons?

1. Avoid Harsh Odors in the Home

Although many standard drain cleaners are perfectly safe, they can often be harsh on your nose. If you're working with drains in your home or business, investing in eco-friendly cleaning services that leave fewer or no harmful chemicals in your home is a good idea. These alternatives might cost more, but they'll make sure you can breathe easier.

2. Avoid Weakening the Plumbing

You should consider your plumbing similar to your body's circulatory system. If you're using harsh chemicals or pipe cleaners, you might be weakening your pipes and arteries, which can lead to hardening and ruptures. Using eco-friendly cleaners will help keep your plumbing flexible and reduce potential blockages.

3. Keep the Septic Tank Enzymes Healthy

Septic tank enzymes break down waste and dangerous bacteria in sewage from your house. To work properly, these enzymes need a healthy pH level, which can be altered by using other drain cleaners with harsh chemicals or using too much detergent in your washing machine. If you're worried about your septic tank's functioning, insist on eco-friendly drain cleaning.

4. Avoid Storing Dangerous Chemicals in the House

If you use drain cleaning products, make sure they're not harmful. Natural cleaners are much safer for use around the home. For one, they do not pose burn or corrosion risks to children and pets. If the drain cleaning service stores these products in your home, they don't pose a risk. 

5. Avoid Harming Underground Water Sources

Using eco-friendly drain cleaning products and practices will reduce your chances of contaminating underground aquifers. If all homeowners in your area used non-toxic, environmentally friendly drain cleaning methods, it would make a significant difference in preserving our waterways. So take action today by insisting on safe services and products for you and our planet.

Clean drains are essential in keeping a home sanitary and functional, so you should take a keen interest in keeping them clog-free. However, you also need to keep them clean in a safe and friendly way. Contact a drain cleaning service to inquire about eco-friendly methods and products.  



5 July 2022

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