Modern Features Now Seen In Many Porta Potties


Do you still think of a porta potty as a little, rectangular cube with a toilet filled with bactericides — and nothing else? Basic porta potties like this still exist, and they work perfectly fine for big events and short gatherings. However, the world of porta potties has also expanded over the past few years. Simple porta potties like these are no longer your only option. You'll also see porta potties with some or all of the following features.


Years ago, you would use the porta potty and then go to a separate handwashing station outside. Now, though, many porta potties have a handwashing station built in. There is a tank filled with water to one side of the porta potty, and when you turn on the little sink, this water comes out in a slow stream. This makes for a much more sanitary porta potty experience and encourages people to actually wash their hands.

Scented Sprays

Some porta potties come with scented sprays that automatically are released every so often. Some work on a timer. Others release a puff of scent each time the door is closed. This keeps the porta potties smelling a lot fresher, making them more pleasant to use. Many of the sprays also have antiseptic properties, so they help keep the air cleaner, too. Not only is using the porta potty a more pleasant experience, but the area around the porta potties will smell better, too. Some models even release a mist of scent outside.

Changing Tables

Changing babies' diapers in public is always a bit of a challenge. Parents often struggle to find a safe and sanitary surface. Some porta potty companies are changing that. They are including changing tables in their porta potties. To make things more sanitary, they usually stock disposable towels or sheets that fit over the changing table. You can pull out a disposable cover, put it down on the table, change your little one, and then throw the cover away. If you're renting porta potties, renting one or two with changing tables will make parents very thankful.

Keep your eyes out for the options above when looking for porta potties to rent. You may pay a little more for porta potties with these features, but in many cases, your guests' comfort is worth it. Talk to your porta potty provider to learn more about these and other options they offer.


21 July 2022

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